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< Kommentar: Name: Joanne Panteleon
Email: padeleon@forthnet.gr

Datum: Samstag, 24 September, 2005 um 10:33:47
Hi Stefan, I'm a close friend of Vickie and Indina Beuche from Greece. Vickie gave me your website. Exquisite web design (CONGRATS Indina!!!)...Fantastic, original Ethnik objects!!!...If you have a catalogue with the articles, I would be glad to receive it!!... I will certainly recommend your site to my friends in Greece!!!... KLASSE!!! Herzliche Grusse aus Griechenland!

Name: Kingsley Tabot
Email: editor@africanetworking.de

Datum: Samstag, 10 September, 2005 um 23:44:23
I just included you address on www.africanetworking.de I offer free advertisement for one month. After that, we can negotiate for further publicity. Thanks.

Name: Indina

Datum: Montag, 9 Mai, 2005 um 09:10:05
---auf ein Neues! :) Beste Grüße, Indina